When the AJ+ video launched, a family member (with whom I get along swimmingly, but don't usually align with politically) sent me a message that read: "So I have one question for you: why Hillary?" I didn't respond at the time (mostly because I wanted us to stay pals and political conversations via social media are the quickest way to sully pal-ship), but I figured I could respond publicly now: So here are just a few reasons why I voted for Hillary, and why she's always had the 100th slot for my project: 


Because Hillary has stood firmly in defense of a woman's right to make her own decisions about her own body. I have personally received excellent care, information, and services from Planned Parenthood, whose staff have always treated me the way women (and all patients!) should be treated: with respect, with truthful information, and with affordable care. Hillary has expressed that she will always defend Planned Parenthood, and thus she also has my back in terms of my reproductive decisions and health. 


Because I'm fortunate enough to live and work in a diverse community, which includes tens of thousands of Muslims (both citizens and immigrants). Trump's threats to their safety, pursuit of citizenship or their ability to travel that is solely based on their religion or ethnicity is discrimination. And Hillary is a candidate that acknowledges that blatant discrimination and has promised to fight against it.


Because I know what it feels like to make minimum wage, work overtime, and still struggle to make ends meet. Hillary acknowledges the need to raise the minimum wage and how, if we're willing to let go of our shortsightedness, it will benefit our economy. 


Because she's already been working for decades to improve public education for our K-12 kiddos, and she's not stopping anytime soon. (As opposed to candidate Gary Johnson, who proposes dissolving the Department of Education. An idea for which I do not have enough middle fingers.)


Because she's been in public service long enough to know that simplistic solutions to immigration, the economy, climate change, and national security do not work, and she's got the brains and experience to formulate plans to address them. She also has the respect of leaders around the world, enabling her to participate in the essential conversations that involve international relationships.


Because I trust her to make a rational, fair appointment of the next Supreme Court justice. She is the only candidate on the ballot for President that has actually practiced Law (with the exception of Darrell Castle, who is on some states' ballots--and is running an extremely problematic campaign).


Because she has spent her entire career in public service dedicated to protecting the rights of those who are most vulnerable, as opposed to protecting the wealthiest folks in this country (many of whom happen to pay fewer taxes than I do. GUYS, I PAY MORE TAXES THAN TRUMP).


Because she works her ass off, and she's tough as hell, and she doesn't give up. She's spent her life fighting to make this country great, and I'm grateful, because it *is* worth fighting for.